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Westminster, Colorado
Artificial Grass Lawns

In terms of maintenance, our artificial grass lawns ask for little to nothing from you.

Westminster Artificial LawnsOur Westminster artificial grass lawns offer a number of great benefits, with one of the best being that they require little to nothing of you in terms of maintenance. The same goes for all of our artificial turf installations, which also include backyard putting greens, indoor golf greens, pet turf for dog runs, sports turf for athletic fields, playground grass and more. Whichever type of application you choose to install at your home in Colorado, our synthetic grass eliminates all of the time and money you used to pour into yard work. SYNLawn® products are made from 100 percent recyclable turf, and are so realistic that you won’t believe they are fake grass. Why spend your weekends slaving away in your yard when you can have a perfect yard year-round without lifting a finger? Call SYNLawn® today to discuss your synthetic turf installation. We will work closely with you on a custom design you will absolutely love.

SYNLawn® products can be found all around Westminster. Our artificial lawns bring a beauty to any outdoor space that retains its perfection year-round regardless of weather, heavy foot traffic or any other factors that might otherwise affect natural grass.

Westminster Artificial LawnsWe all want our lawns to look their absolute best, and SYNLawn® is proud to provide a way of doing so that is both cost and time efficient. Your outdoor space is a place that should be a place of leisure and fun, and not manual labor. The costs we sink into lawn maintenance in terms of money and time are a waste. We can help you to eliminate that waste by installing a synthetic turf lawn that is as realistic as natural grass at its very best. Call today to learn more about our line of state-of-the-art synthetic grass products. 

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