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Artificial Grass in Castle Rock, CO

Our artificial grass lawns are both child and pet friendly.

Castle Rock Artificial LawnsWhen we say our Castle Rock artificial grass lawns are perfect for the entire family, we mean it. We provide residents of Colorado with synthetic grass products that are the product of over four decades of research and development. The end result is artificial turf that is safe for the most vulnerable members of the family, children and pets, to play on. In addition to lawns, golf putting greens and sports turf, our products are also favorites of those in need of pet turf and playground grass. Why? Because our surfaces are cushioned for falls, won’t turn into dirt or mud pits on a rainy day, don’t promote allergies and stay cool in hot temperatures. Once upon a time fake grass was flimsy and just plain unsafe for kids and pets to spend time on. My how things have changed. Our 100% recyclable turf is made from the finest materials for a soft, realistic feel that very member of the family will love.

For many families in Castle Rock, our artificial turf products have proven to be a perfect match for their families. Here are a few things you should know about SYNLawn®’s family friendly line of products.

Castle Rock Artificial LawnsThe amount of research and development that has gone into our pet turf and playground grass is by design. Our grass can only be the best on the market if it is the safest, and we can assure you that it is and always will be. SYNLawn® has always been family friendly, and that’s not about to change. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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